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» Class XI Computer Guess Paper 2011
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Posted on: May 8th, 2011

XI Computer

SECTION “A” – (MCQs – Multiple Choice Questions)

Q.1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options. (15 Marks)

i. The monitor with black background and a single colour is called

  • Colour
  • Flat Panel
  • Mono Chrome
  • None of them

ii. A spread sheet program is a type of

  • System Software
  • Programming Language
  • Application Software
  • Printer Software

iii. A daily wheel printer is a type of

  • Non-impact printer
  • Impact printer
  • Plotter
  • None of them

iv. Translator that translates a high level language program into a low level language program is

  • Compiler
  • Interpreter
  • Assembler
  • None of them

v. Megahertz (MH) unit is used to measure

  • Speed of processor
  • Storage space of a hard disk
  • Rotation speed of CD-ROM
  • None of them

vi. Which mark-up language is used to produce web page?

  • WML
  • HTML
  • XML
  • SGML

vii. The internal process of starting up a computer is known as

  • Booting
  • Self Start
  • Warm up
  • Start up

viii. The special storage are a built in micro processor is known as

  • Flash memory
  • Register
  • RAM
  • Cache Memory

ix. Extension of Microsoft word document is

  • ppt
  • xis
  • bmp
  • doc

x. The legal copying of a software or data is called

  • Threat
  • Piracy
  • Copyright
  • Hacking

xi. In which LAN topology all computers are connected with central server?

  • Bus
  • Ring
  • Star
  • Mesh

xii. Which of the following is not a web browser?

  • Mozilla
  • Fire Wall
  • Internet Explorer
  • Netscape navigator

xiii. The process of converting analog signal to digital signal is called

  • Modulation
  • Demodulation
  • Tele Commuting
  • None of them

xiv. A software that enables users and applications to interact with the computer hardware is called

  • Operating System
  • Application Software
  • Client Software
  • Database Management System

xv. The number of instructions executed by a computer depends upon the size of

  • Opcode
  • Decoder
  • MBR
  • MAR

SECTION “B” – (Short Answer Questions)

Q.2. Answer SIX questions from this Section. All questions carry equal marks. (36 Marks)

i. Differentiate between Switch and Router.


Differentiate between Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission.


Differentiate between Full Duplex and Half Duplex.


Differentiate between Input Device and Output Device.

ii. What do you stand for

  • DVD
  • URL
  • ALU
  • ISDN
  • MIPS
  • WAP


Differentiate between FTP and HTTP.


Differentiate between Hard Copy and Soft Copy.


Differentiate between Binary Number System and Decimal Number System.


Define Server Software and Password.


Differentiate between word processor and spread sheet.

iii. Distinguish between Primary Storage and Secondary Storage.


What is an e-mail? How is it useful for us?


What is LAN? Describe briefly the three common LAN topologists.

iv. What do you stand for

  • TCP
  • HTML
  • GUI
  • MAN


Differentiate between Language and Package.


What is Cache Memory? How is it different from a Primary Memory?


Differentiate between Impact Printer and Non-Impact Printer.

v. What do you know about bus? Elaborate its various types.


Differentiate between System Software and Application Software.


Differentiate between LAN and WAN.


Differentiate between DOS and Windows.

vi. Describe the mechanism of a hard disk.


Discuss various layers of OSI model briefly.


What do you known about fiber optic cable?

vii. What are the functions of Router and Gateway in data communication?


What do you mean by protocol? Define any two of them.

viii. What do you understand by modulation and demodulation?


What do you know about copyrights?


Define the basic elements of data communication system.

ix. List and describe briefly at least four benefits that a network provides.


Define a Register. Describe the functions of MBR, MAR and IR registers.


What are the basic functions of a Browser? Name any two of them.

SECTION “C” – (Detailed Answer Questions)

NOTE: Attempt any TWO questions from this Section. (24 Marks)

Q.3. Write short notes on the following

  • Laser Printer
  • Search Engine
  • Input and Output Devices
  • Word Processing
  • Modem
  • Transmission Mode
  • Packet Switching
  • Uses of Recycle Bin

Q.4.(a) What is a Computer Virus? How can protect our computer from a virus?


What is an Operating System? Why is it necessary for a computer system?


Explain with the help of a diagram the process of fetching and executing an instruction from the memory of a computer.

Q.4. (b) What is meant by information network? Define the advantages of a network.


A bit is a basic unit of storage what other storage units are used to measure computer storage?


How are computers beneficial to science, research and engineering?

Q.4. (c) Describe the units of CPU with the help of a diagram.


Elucidate the torn memory. Discuss the functions of the main memory.


What do you know about bus? Elaborate its various types.


Define Information Technology. How is it useful in our daily life?


What are the advantages of disadvantages of Internet?

Q.5. (a) Define the following terms related to screen display

  • CRT
  • Pixel
  • Resolution
  • Monochrome
  • SVGA

Q.5. (b) Explain the ultra basic types of instruction code formats used in computer.


What is the difference between volatile storage and non-volatile storage? Give an example of each.

Q.5. (c) What do you know about copyright laws? Give their advantages.


What is computer virus? Describe various types of computer viruses.


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