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Posted on: April 24th, 2010

Hadis 1-3

Q1a) Describe the main teachings contained in the Hadis?
?b) Explain how a Muslim can put these teachings in practice?
Hadis 1:
“Religion is sincerity”.We said: “To whom?” The Prophetpbuh said: “To Allah, his book, his messenger, the leaders of the Muslims and to their common people”.
a) This Hadis emphasizes on all aspects of faith which are also obligatory duties of all the Muslims. It states that a person should be sincere towards Allah by admitting that he is supreme and therefore is the only one to be worshipped. A Muslim should also follow the laws of Allah stated in the Holy Quran and the Shariah. He should also believe that the series of Prophecy has ended on Muhammad SAW and that there will be no Prophet after him. Last but not the least, a Muslim is supposed to believe in his leader (if the leader is actually following the rules of Islam, if not, he is not supposed to be supported).
b) For all of us today, this Hadis contains very important message. We all are to fulfill the commandments of Allah not as a duty but for faith in Allah. We can follow his book Quran by fulfilling the laws stated in it. We can strengthen our faith by admitting that Muhammad SAW is the seal of Prophets. We can also follow the leaders posted on us by Allah Almighty because today, Allah’s Prophets are not with us to decide our fate but we can follow our leaders( incase they are true Muslims) and treat them as our role model since Prophet SAW said:-
“Whoso obeys my commander, obeys me and whoso disobeys the commander disobeys me.”
Hadis 2:
“None of you believes until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.”
a) This hadis basically teaches us about fraternity and brotherhood which has been established by Allah himself to bind and unite all the Muslims around the globe so that an atmosphere and environment of help and cooperation is attained. For this to happen each muslim should be helpful to his fellow muslim brother and therefore, what a muslim wishes for himself, he shall also wish the same for his muslim fellows.
b) We can put the teachings of this hadis into practice by establishing a relation of mutual benefits with our Muslim brothers. We can help one another in times of drought, earthquakes or in poverty. Another example is of the Ansar and Mahajirin who adopted the way of “Mawakhat” on the orders of Allah and his Prophet SAW. The Prophet SAW is supposed to have said about superior faith:-
“That you desire for others what you desire for yourself and do not desire for others you do not desire for yourself.”
Therefore it can be deduced that a person who follows this Hadis will not only be succesful in this world but will also enjoy a stronger faith.
Hadis 3:
“Let him who believes in Allah and the Last day either speak good or keep silent, and let him who believes in Allah and the Last day be generous to his neighbor, and let him who believes in Allah and the Last day be generous to his guest.”
a)??? It is binding upon all Muslims to use our tongue for the right way in propagating Allah’s message as it is a great blessing. Improper usage of speech proves harmful in the world as well as in the hereafter. A Muslim should be very helpful and generous toward his neighbor. Every hand of help should be extended towards them. Islam has also emphasized on the rights of guests. We should have a hospitable behavior towards them.
b)??? Prophet’s (pbuh) life is guidance for all the humanity in determining the right and wrong. A person should always refrain from indulging in idle and vulgar talk. Prophet (pbuh) said:
“To keep quite is better than telling a bad thing.”
Muslims should be helpful towards his neighbor as Islam has laid great emphasis on the rights of neighbor. The same rule is applied to guests. We should be hospitable towards them. Prophet (pbuh) would get up many times in the night to make sure that they were comfortable.

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