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» A-Level Economics Notes by GW
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Posted on: April 27th, 2011


A-Level Economics Notes


  1. [Word pdfument] Introduction & Basic Concepts

  2. [Word pdfument] Demand & Supply Analysis

  3. [Folder] Consumer Theory

     [Word pdfument] Unit 1: Utility Theory

     [Word pdfument] Unit 2: The Marginal Use Value (MUV) Approach

     [Word pdfument] Unit 3: Market Exchange & Efficiency

  4. [Word pdfument] Production Theory

  5. [Word pdfument] Market Competition

  6. [Folder] Factor Market

     [Word pdfument] Unit 1: Demand for Factors – the traditional analysis

     [Word pdfument] Unit 2: Labour & The Determination of Wage

     [Word pdfument] Unit 3: Rent & Land

     [Word pdfument] Unit 4: Interest & Capital

     [Word pdfument] Unit 5: Profit & Entrepreneur – the nature of firm

  7. [Folder] The Problem of Social Cost

     [Word pdfument] The Problem of Social Cost

     [Word pdfument] An Extract From Steven Cheung’s “Common Property Rights”

[Word pdfument] Revision Charts





Macroeconomics Notes

[Word pdfument] Introduction

  1. [Folder] National Income

     [Word pdfument] Unit 1: National Income

     [Word pdfument] Unit 2: Inflation

     [Word pdfument] Unit 3: IS-LM model of national income determination

     [Word pdfument] Public Finance: HK Budget

  2. [Word pdfument] Money & Banking

  3. [Word pdfument] Theory of Unemployment

  4. [Word pdfument] International Trade





Other Information

[Word pdfument] A-level Economics: Scheme of Work

[Word pdfument] Economics – a Summary: Syllabus Vs. Curriculum



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