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» AS Level Psychology Notes By Daniel Holloway
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Posted on: May 2nd, 2011

In each Unit, there is a series of Methodology items which appear as the “How Science Works” questions in exams. These appear as M1, M2, M3 and so on in the Methodology section at the bottom of the page…

Please note that this site should not be used as your sole revision guide, because certain bits of the course that have been left out here may be studied as part of your course, and similarly, there may be bits here which you do not need to learn

Module 1: Social and cognitive psychology [6PS01]

Unit 1 – The Social Approach

1.1 Obedience Download PDF

1.2 Milgram’s Study of Obedience (1963) – Download PDF

1.3 Evaluation of Milgram’s Study of Obedience – Download PDF

1.4 Variations of the Milgram Experiment – Download PDF

1.5 Meeus and Raaijmakers (1986) – Download PDF

1.6 Agency Theory – Download PDF

1.7 Hofling et al. (1966) – Download PDF

Questions: 1.1-1.7 – Download PDF

1.8 Social Identity Theory as an Explanation of Prejudice – Download PDF

1.9 Tajfel et al. (1970, 1971) – Download PDF

1.10 Sherif et al. (1954) – Download PDF

1.11 Reicher and Haslam (2006) – Download PDF

1.12 Asch (1951, 1952, 1956) – Download PDF

Questions: 1.8 – 1.12 – Download PDF

Unit 1 Key Issues – Download PDF

Unit 1 Brief Revision Notes – Download PDF

Download all in one – Download PDF

Unit 2 – The Cognitive Approach

2.1 Cognitive Psychology – Download PDF

2.2 The Computer Analogy – Download PDF

2.3 The Multi-Store Model of Memory – Download PDF

2.4 Levels of Processing Framework – Download PDF

2.5 Craik and Tulving (1975) – Download PDF

2.6 Working Memory Model – Download PDF

2.7 Reconstructive Memory – Download PDF

Questions: 2.1 – 2.7 – Download PDF

2.8 Cue-Dependent Theory of Forgetting – Download PDF

2.9 Godden and Baddeley (1975) – Download PDF

2.10 Displacement Theory of Forgetting – Download PDF

Questions: 2.8 – 2.10 – Download PDF

Unit 2 Key Issues – Download PDF

Unit 2 Brief Revision Notes – Download PDF

Download all in one – Download PDF

Note: This site does not cover the entire unit of Cognitive Psychology. The site covers three of the four models of memory, and two of the four theories of forgetting. If your school’s course has opted to do either The Spreading-Activation Theory of Semantic Processing, Interference Theory of Forgetting, or Trace-Decay Theory of Forgetting, seek those notes elsewhere (similarly, only two of the four key studies for the unit are shown here, the other two relate to two of the content missed out above)

Module 2: Understanding the individual [6PS02]

Unit 3 – The Psychodynamic Approach

3.1 An Introduction to Freud – Download PDF

3.2 Freud’s Psychosexual Theory – Download PDF

3.3 Psychosexual Development – Download PDF

3.4 Freud’s Case Study of Little Hans (1909) – Download PDF

3.5 Axline’s Case Study of Dibs (1964) – Download PDF

Unit 3 Key Issues –

Unit 4 – The Biological Approach

4.1 The Central Nervous System – Download PDF / Download Worksheet

4.2 Genetics and Inheritance – Download PDF

4.3 The Nature-Nurture Debate – Download PDF

4.4 Biology as an Explanation for Gender Development – Download PDF

4.5 Money (1975) – Download PDF

4.6 De Bellis et al. (2001) – Download PDF

Unit 4 Key Issues – Download PDF

Unit 5 – The Learning Approach

5.1 Classical Conditioning – Download PDF / Download Worksheet

5.2 Operant Conditioning – Download PDF

5.3 Treatments for Conditioning – Download PDF

5.4 Social Learning Theory – Download PDF

5.5 Learning as an Explanation for Gender Development – Download PDF

5.6 Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961) – Download PDF

5.7 Watson and Rayner (1920) – Download PDF

Unit 5 Key Issues – Download PDF


Unit 1: The Social Approach

M1 Questionnaires – Download PDF

M2 Interviews – Download PDF

M3 Sampling Methods – Download PDF

Unit 2: The Cognitive Approach

M4 Scientific Testing – Download PDF

M5 Experimental Design – Download PDF

Unit 3: The Psychodynamic Approach

M6 Case Studies – Download PDF

M7 The Case Study as Used in the Psychodynamic Approach – Download PDF

M8 Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Studies – Download PDF

M9 Inferential Statistics: Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient – Download PDF

Unit 4: The Biological Approach

M10 Scanning Techniques as Research Methods – Download PDF

M11 Twin and Adoption Studies – Download PDF

M12 Animal Studies – Download PDF

M13 Inferential Statistics: Mann-Whitney U Test – Download PDF

Unit 5: The Learning Approach

M14 Observations – Download PDF

M15 Inferential Statistics: Chi-Squared Test – Download PDF

Methodology: download all in one Download PDF

Other useful PDFs:

How to Evaluate a Psychological Study – Download PDF

Criteria for an Ethical Study – Download PDF

Please note: Significant contribution of these notes may come from other sources. Credit for some notes remains with copyright holders, namely Christine Brain. Copyright of some diagrams remains with their original creators.

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