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StudyGuide.PK is an initiative by MAKK Webs to promote education in Pakistan. The website is aiming to provide study resources to Pakistani students free of cost in order to free students and parents of the great burden of tuition fees and cost of buying books. Many students end up spending more then Rs 10000 on tuitions a months and this can be a great burden on the parents. In reality all those tuition teachers do is dictate notes. We are gathering those notes of Pakistan’s top teachers and putting them online so that students can cover the course thoroughly from the convenience of their home for free. There are many other notes websites online but what makes us stand out is that we do not upload just any notes but rather after user submissions we only share the best and most relevant notes with the public.

At this point in time the website is non-profit and completely ad-free but if in the future the large server costs entail the need to put adverts we may consider doing it.

StudyGuide.PK has also released past paper books which are available in the market at a cheap subsidized price. While normally past papers cost around Rs 500 ours range from Rs 250-350. A few shops are also stocking our notes.

Most of our content is user submissions and thus we are not responsible for any data as we can not keep checking the data. But if you feel your copyright is being infringed feel free to contact us and we will be happy to remove the content.

We are now also accepting requests from students for notes and are trying to respond to as many requests as we can. We have a lot of traffic in requests so it could take a few days for a request to be processed.

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